Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stolen Dream

I stole a dream from you last night
hoping to give you a fright:
feeling darkness closing in,
surrounded by an awful din.
then I found, to my surprise,
you were watching with open eyes.
I struggled backward but was caught
by one remaining thought:
you stole that dream from me last night,
and held me in your soft light;
while I trembled head to toe,
you lit the darkness all aglow.
waking, I saw, with no surprise
you were watching with gentle eyes;
you held me close, held me tight,
held until gone was all my fright.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

the pillar

perhaps i am becoming invisible. the others, maybe they see me or maybe
they do not. i know they feel me if they do not know i am there.
walk into an invisible pillar in a crowded hall. is it there? can you
feel it? now run back, and run into it. hit it hard. does it hurt?
you do not see but feel. there is nothing you can do. the pillar does
not want to see you. i do not want to see you. am i the pillar?
you swear, anger thrown to the pillar. hit it hard. but it is set in stone.
it does not bugde for thee.