Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Cave's Inhabitants

the cave is hidden, damp, dark,
home to those who did their part,
engaging in literature and the arts,
the basis of humanity.

the cave holds wonders for them all,
inspiration on every wall,
engaging those who did fall,
from their spots in society.

they fell down from on high,
from whence they could touch the sky,
to where they stand now on nigh,
and relish true ability.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Human Friend

the night is approaching,
and oh what a moon!

the darkness swells about me now,
the rhythm I know well;
and in the darkness a creature creeps,
a creature I know well.

"grandfather fright, it's been a long time,
I hope to see you well."
"aye, it's a mighty fair night,
as far as I can tell.
our friends, they are a'coming:
you they can well smell."

my friends, they gathered 'round me,
a circle of the Dark;
"my friends, it's been too long,
I hope I recall my part."
"do not fear, human friend,
steady is your heart.

"the Monster doth calleth
us all here tonight;
he knows it's been too long,
and hopes to set that right."
I've seen him so much now,
he no longer is a fright.

the Monster stepped forward then,
and with him a fellow sprite,
who held the soft-glow lantern,
bathing us in its light.
but the Monster was in Shadow,
his own eternal plight.

"I welcome you all to my gathering,
it has been a very long time.
I hope you journeyed, well,
you look well fed and fine.
I missed many of you the last time,
I was caught up in my rhymes."

"my dear brother," He said to me,
"you do not look so well,
please sit down here beside me,
please: do tell."

so I told him of my horror,
the world of which I live;
the terrible goodness of it,
and deeds they do forgive.

"do not fear such things, my son,
it's a hard such thing to hear.
but for this sufferance,
you we do endear.
you are truly one of us now,
you've reassessed your fears.

"it's not the terrors that frighten you now,
but the real world instead.
those among us are your family now,
we, the eternal dead.

"your world has forgotten us,
but for you, our friend."
"I thank you for this generosity,
though I don't know to what end
my presense will benefit,
what help I can rend."

"do not worry about that,
my unfortunately mortal son.
we will teach you what we can,
the war has barely begun.
--but don't worry about the fight,
you'll see: we'll have some fun.
this life will well fit you,
my youngest, favorite son."

"thank you for your blessing,
bujt now I must go,
time is ever running out for me,
it I must follow."

"goodbye my son, to fairer nights,
I hope we shall see you soon."
I turned from the Monster, as he faded,
along with the moon.

a tear did drop from my eye,
and the wisps began to sing,
a soft and sad melody
about what the Dark will bring.

I turned away, saddened,
already missing them.
the will-o-wisp called after me,
"we will soon meet again.
my light will never lead you astray,
my only human friend."

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Dictator and The Capitalist

the Dictator and the Capitalist
were brainstorming for a war;
they ignored the United Nations,
when totalling their score.

"we have no nukes or weapons,"
the Dictator did say,
"and i'll prove it to you in
this 800-page essay."

"inspectors may find nothing,
but i am not so blind."
the Capitatist was certain
that weapons he would find.

the Capitalist sent troops
to the dictator,
though they did find nothing,
he does rule no more.

the Capitalist did not forget
the traitorous Middle East;
he imposed Democracy,
so on their oil he may feast.

he re-ran for his office,
condemning us for four more;
his accent did aid him,
which Southern states adore.

the Middle East he levels,
reducing it to dust,
the government won't be stable
if democracy is a must.

the gays will suffer for
the "Christianity" of the straight,
"their right don't matter,
so them we may berate"