Friday, August 27, 2004

A Riddle for MB

do you know who I am?
do you recognize me?
the last time we met
was back at JB.

though I'm not a ghost,
I am from your past,
can you find anyone else
from the Perfect/Calc class?

what I'm known as now,
I have always been,
(though informally)
from way back when.

I sit by you now
--that's an obvious clue.
smart I'm oft labeled,
and genius too.

do you recognize me?
do you know who I am?
how long will it take
you to figure out this poem?

divby0 is
my user name;
no matter the nominator,
the result's the same.

click some links
on this page you see
and swifter you'll find
who is me.

click "divby0,"
find my user page,
my real name is near
the user name and page.

read my writings,
they're really great stuff
(I need to promote them
though they are up to snuff).

I don't care what you do
with this info you find
as long as you know
who I am in your mind.

I am a writer
poetry is what I do,
hopefully I'll have
a book out soon.

a loner I am
by nature only
though friends I've got,
not more than three.

I don't know yet
how this poem will end,
I don't know what
this poem will rend.

please read my stuff,
tell me what you think;
if you don't watch close,
there'll be more in a blink.

three days I've been writing this,
and oh what a blur
it has passed as I look
at your face as it were.

four days now,
and what a surprise:
as I remember second grade
and all those goodbyes.

I still have them all,
kept in my desk with care
but there they stay
for me do they snare.

to comment on poems
you must join this site,
but if you'd rather not,
it's really alright.

I'm not one much
for face-to-face speech
though being social
isn't out of my reach.

skinny I may be,
but a black belt too:
I practice at
Mike Neil's Martial Arts School.

Please don't bring up
this poem out loud
the Calc class isn't
exactly my crowd.

instead, I'd prefer that
you'd reply by e-mail
yahoo is my local.

I don't think
this poem will end
maybe it will when there's
no more ink in my pen.

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