Monday, June 28, 2004

one, the other, and a third

one paces the deck
watching flies, birds, squirrels,
stalking her prey--ajoke,
she's fat, but not oveweight.
the other, still and silent
watching, waiting,
as a black sphinx
sees her worshipers.

one, striped, has stolen
the tail of raccoon.
the other, underweight,
an achilles black, held by
two front knees still white.

a third pants heavily,
confused at the small creatures,
curious but cautious.
one and the other
ignore the third:
"why are you here
you do not belong."

one: the once wild,
never to be feral, cat.
the other: always tame,
never anything but, cat.
a third: her breed claims brilliance,
but she is anything but--
border collie: dog.

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