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I do my best to maintain all the various memberships I hold around the web, but neither do I hold myself back from joining new ones that I may only use for a short while. I find no shame in self-promotion, using forums and art communities to draw traffic into the places where my best work is posted. It's no different than paying for advertising, if less financially costly, but more involved and time-costly.

DreamClassier is at the top of my list these days, and I shall abstain from posting a link, because you're already here. DreamClassier does at long last have a Facebook fan_page which can be found here.

My tumblr account is also under the name of DreamClassier, because everything I post here appears there in the micro-blog-verse with a link to read more. Needless to say, most of the views on my dream posts come from tumblr.

I do have a twitter, and it's just a feed-receiver now. It takes posts from my blog, youtube, and deviantArt accounts. I also run a second twitter that only takes deviantArt updates, and that one is available under the name divby0_da.

Social Networking
For the most part, these days, my social networking happens on deviantArt. I know most folks might not consider it to be a social networking site, but many of us use it as such. For the most part, my other social networking sites are used as feed-receivers for the RSS feeds of my blogs and internet activity.

That said, DreamClassier is both on Facebook and twitter. The twitter seems to sometimes be receiving double messages do to RSS-feeds not talking to each other (sorry about that--I'm working on it). Our Facebook followers get extra updates periodically as well as quick synopses about each and every post, usually by noon on Sunday.

We've also just started on Google+ and have our own sub-reddit!

Art Communities
My deviantArt account is the most updated of all my art community accounts, where I fly under the name of divBy0. Most of my art, friends, and activity appears on that account, and I check it very regularly. That name is div-by-zero, not div-by-oh, but no worries if you spell it wrong typing it in: I registered the username divbyo for exactly that reason, and it will redirect you to my account.

I'm slowly leaving deviantArt. In the interim of my search for a new home, I'll be storing everything on a new sheezyArt account. Nine years of work to be backed-up. If enough people follow me over, it may even become my new home.

LemonFingers gets the second greatest number of updates, but I really only use this account when I feel very passionate about a piece of literature and want to boost its audience. I also use the name divby0 (div-by-zero) here. For those unfamiliar with it, LemonFingers is very much like deviantArt, but for writers alone. Too many pieces of literature get lost among the picture galleries on communities like deviantArt, and that spawned the purpose of LemonFingers.

PaperDemon is a rather new addition to my list, and like LemonFingers, I generally only post pieces I'm passionate about to introduce them to a wider audience. PaperDemon also has a darker side, Red Curtain, with mature art. I do post here occasionally, but will not post the link, as this blog is family- and work-friendly; it should be enough to say that the two accounts are linked, so use the same name. What writer isn't complete without a collection of fan-fiction? I don't write it often, so I rarely post or update this account, but if I write any more fan-fiction, it will appear here. This was one of the first accounts where I started operating under the name Ace Edmonds.

Protagonize is a writing community based around the concept of collaborative works, which is not to say you can't embark on solo adventures, as all of my postings thus far have been. Protagonize does offer a feature that allows one chapter at a time to be posted, and all the chapters are automatically connected together; most other writing and art communities force you to connect them manually.

Figment shows stories and collections in book form, and often has promotions from professional writers and publishing houses for amateur writers.

FurAffinity is mostly empty. The account was created in 2010, only recently have I started uploading my Neverfall Mohawks to the account.

SheezyArt is a deviantArt clone. I have a mostly untended account, but if you too have an account feel free to stop by. Otherwise, this account is mostly idle. Yes, I have an account, but no, there's nothing here. Sorry folks. Maybe one day...

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