Tuesday, February 4, 2014


you think you know but you don't;
I shouldn't have shown you that page,
those lines that stole through my head,
I keep wishing you hadn't read...

you think I'm you but I'm not
I've got more wisdom that you have age;
more words keep stealing time,
keep stealing me, keep stealing mine...

you think you see but you're blind,
I should have left those ghosts greyed;
I've got my heart where you'll never find,
behind rock that can't be mined...

you think you think but you don't,
you think my heart's stuck, but it won't,
you think I want to hold onto you,
I think you want that to come true...

I know better than to let that show
if you thinking I'm flirting you don't know;
you think my eyes are always on you,
but I'm more attracted to my shoes.

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