Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Improbable Limericks

He speaks of once-upon-a-time,
dances adroitly on a dime,
skitters to and fro
if you point a light at his nose,
and never talks in rhyme.

The dreamletts come from here
though gifted with some fear;
will you partake
and aid his sake
or decline to let it appear?


A key to open the gate
to worlds free of fate:
to fortune and wonder,
not failure or blunder;
a fresh sauce to spread on your pate.

A new door opens wide
and swallows the oncoming tide.
You're escorted in
by the soaking wet din
and find a new place to hide.


All pieces associated with my character on Improbable Island, named DreamClassier. Indubitably more to come.

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