Sunday, December 29, 2013


let's get trapped together
in a box that holds the world,
clichély bigger on the inside
where our flags are unfurled.

let's get trapped together
on a raft that never sinks,
in an ocean with no tides,
with a creature that never blinks.

let's get trapped together,
burdened down by own dreams...
let's unlock the world together
and discover what it means.

Inspired by Box of Blurbs' "I am trapped" post.
 - 29 December 2013


  1. Very nice piece, here! I really like its rhythm and pattern, and the story it tells is very interesting. If you don't mind a little poke, in the second stanza you have written "on a raft the never sinks".
    Overlooked it the first time cause my mind knew what was being said. So that's a good one on you!

    I wish I coulda seen this earlier. XD Sorry, this post didn't show up for me til today. (That I could tell. ^^; )

    1. Thanks for catching the typo.

      No, I've been back-dating posts on here, so the timestamp on them is for the day they were written, not the day they were uploaded. So it's not you for not seeing it; it's me for posting it a few days after it was written.

    2. Oh! Alright, that makes perfect sense. Wouldn't want to forget the date that you wrote something.*nod* At least it doesn't feel like I was ignoring. XD