Friday, July 12, 2013

On Writing: The Story Coaster, Fortress Race, and Where I'm Stuck

For those unaware, Fortress Race is my novel. Well, young adult novel. Well... novel in progress. I've been working on it and various reincarnations of it since high school. It's stuck with me, and though I've restarted it from scratch no less than six times (and possibly more), it's still essentially the same story, and in the past eighteen months, I've made more progress than all of the previous years combined. Until a few months ago.

So where am I stuck? Well. until today, I didn't have a good word for it. But thanks to Incidental Comics' The Story Coaster, I do now.

I'm trapped in the badlands preceding the denouement. Literally, the final battle and its resolution, and though it's raining in the story, here on the Plains of Inspiration, it is bone dry.