Friday, July 5, 2013

Poetry: No Exceptions

a glint in the shadows,
a small red flashing light,
a sense of eyes on me
in the day and the night;

a locket closet door,
an urge of fight or flight;
just 'cause I know you're watching
doesn't make it alright.

I won't wear a tin hat,
or build an altar to Faraday;
I won't fear going outside
or watch what I say;

I won't creep on the darknet,
or try to hide my name;
just 'cause I know you're listening
doesn't make it okay.

I password-protect my data,
I lock up my car and bike,
I deadbolt all my doors,
keep valuables out of sight;

I never run in fear,
I stand up for my rights;
just 'cause I play it safe
doesn't mean I have things to hide.

5 July 2013