Friday, May 17, 2013

Secret Rites

we're not going dancing in the moonlight,
we're not building a bonfire high,
we're not daring the stars to fall,
we're not praying at an altar's lies,

we're not wishing for something more,
we're not hoping for something less;
we're just going to keep doing what we can,
and not settle for second best.

we're not denying you did your best,
we're not refuting your hard work,
we're not asking for better next time,
we're not treating you like a jerk,

we're not gloating that ours is better,
we're not whining that ours is worse;
we're just doing what we know how,
and starting up on the next verse.

we're not garbed in robes of hemp,
we're not cloaked in shadows or light,
we're not painted with radioactive colors,
we're not infected with a blight,

we're not saying what you should do,
we're not saying we know the way;
we're just hoping that you'll listen,
and celebrate today.

we're not scouring the earth,
we're not knocking on your door,
we're not asking you to join us,
we're not begging from the floor,

we're not sitting in the pews,
we're not kneeling on the mats;
we're just living out our lives,
and not extrapolating facts.

I'm just a single man,
I just think the way I do;
my belief has no initiation,
just actions thrown into

a grand old mixing pot
and I'm serving up a stew.
I'd invite you all to join me,
but you've other things to do.

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