Saturday, April 20, 2013

See The World

slow down and take your time,
see the world in a new light.
let skin manifest inside,
and life just could turn out alright.

turn and look another way,
see the world with new eyes.
check if your head matches your toes,
and maybe learn to fly.

soft and fluffy, clouds do seem,
see the world as if a dream.
stop wond'ring if you could juggle these
and please try not to sneeze.

weigh down so it can't waft away,
see the world's stubborn greys.
hold your place, watch your head,
in case something follows your tread.

change again, the norm returns,
see the world just as you've learned.
though the filters lie inert,
still does your mind work...
and differences you can still discern.

Inspired by Quantum Conundrum

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