Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dream Journal: 31 Dec 2011

First dream:
At a hotel with various schoolmates and school chaperones, for out-of-state school function, except there was a mix of people from different schools (BO from BHS, KS from WCC, SS from CJS, are those that I remember).

SS asked for a prayer session for some reason, and everyone was asked to attend, but I skipped out. I went to the room I was sharing with BO and three other guys and started reading five books that BO had lent to me.

The first book was by a different author than the other four but referred to them, and used a currency called an Enwa.

Second dream:
I was living in an apt complex right next to CB's (BHS) old house.

Third dream:
GD (WCC) and I were fooling around at work, and got told off for it, so he started passing notes like Seiai and I did in high school English.

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