Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(It's Not Stalking) When You Yell In My Ear (Mature)

Mature Content

I dare you, you dare me,
I dare to just try;
I dare yous coming at you

Am I gonna make you cry?

I'm a bloody artist,
playing music all morning long,
if you're not up by ten-thirty sharp
you'll be woken by my song.

do it on a weekend,
when I come home from work

sure, when you go home,
and we've proved you can't make me hurt.

go home, lassie, run home,
don't get lost along the way,
if you come back here,
don't come back here,
there'll be no replay.

shove that fucking ipod
silly, it's a gigabeat,
up his ass so far
kinky turn on, don't break my heart.
he'll have
your hand will get stuck.
beiber stuck to his head
he is kinda cute....

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