Monday, November 15, 2010

White Mistress

The leaves were already turning, and it felt too soon, like spring had just left and summer should still be in full bloom. But no, the leaves were turning, and beginning to fall.

I stumbled through the woods to find my resting ground, where I would lie through the snow and dream of spring rains; where I would sleep through the cold and garb myself in my own warmth and the muted warmth of the earth rising below me; when I came across winter's own mistress. The cold was always harsh to me, leaving my joints aching and begging for relief, but she was beautiful. My heart whispered sweet nothings that fell and froze on unhearing ears.

I found I could not move, crouched in the shadows of a nearly bare bush. She was simply too alluring. As sunlight stabbed down into the clearing, shifting and weaving about herself, I realized she was not alone.

Two snow-white peacocks wove in the darkness of the woods and glowing light of the clearing around her. Their brightness against my world of darkness left spots on my vision, until all I could see were their trails.

Slowly again, the spots faded and no one and nothing danced before me. My joints groaned in pain, and I crawled carefully forward. Above, flakes of snow were beginning to fall. I stretched again, before hurrying on my way.

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