Monday, October 4, 2010

You Can't Reach Far Enough To Save Me

take a magnet to my computer
and a hammer to my head,
take all those steps back
from the safe wall--instead
lean over the cliff
with no rope to hold me high.
I'll jump and leap and fall,
and never learn to fly.

take back all these years
like there never passed a day
since I missed your presense,
since you went away.
take me back to the beginning,
back to the start.
gravity's pulling,
you're still holding my heart.

I'll come crashing down,
everything split in two,
nothing left for anyone,
unable to live for you.
what's wrong with the ideal?
a mountain they cannot scale,
a gorge they cannot bridge,
a test they'll always fail.

it always hits the hardest,
alone, late at night,
with nobody there to whisper
"everything'll be all right."

don't speak to me of rebounds,
'til you've played the game like me,
I'm the only player,
the devil's the referee.
don't speak to me of rebounds,
I keep tossing mine all true,
but the devil makes up details
and each time is a redo.

don't tell me how it hurts,
between your heart and your head;
just leave and keep staying whole
while I, here, am broken instead.
don't tell me why it hurts,
my standard's pretty high--
you may have scaled mountains
but I fell from the sky.

Stanza 2, Lines 5-8 and Stanza 3, Line 1 are from Mat Kearney's Undeniable and I claim no ownership to them.

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