Sunday, October 24, 2010

Squatters, Inc Proposal

Look around.

In this troubling economy, there are too many companies that have closed their doors leaving so many warehouses and industrial parks empty for want of tenants.

For every warehouse that has closed its doors, hundred of jobs are taken away, leaving so many families without a steady source of income. They may lose their house, their cars, and more.

These warehouses are standing empty, and with no one to buy or lease their space, the banks and owners draining their pockets waiting for the economy to turn around.

This is where Squatters, Inc. comes in.

Squatters, Inc rents warehouse space below cost from the owners, because some income is better than no income at all. Through cooperating with your cities and townships, Squatters, Inc subleases the warehouses to those who have lost their jobs. Rent is based on square footage: the more space you need, the more space you pay for, and every tenant gets a roof over their heads.

Squatters, Inc will even help you move, contracting local moving companies and college students, keeping your money helping the local economy.

With so many empty warehouses and house foreclosures, there's no shortage of room, and Squatters, Inc is here to help.

Are you a loan representative concerned about the drain on your resources and eager to sell at any cost? If you find a buyer while we rent out the property, that's not a problem. Let us know when you're getting ready to close a deal and we will clear out the warehouse in forty-eight hours.

That's the beauty of Squatters, Inc: we're here to help get your local economy on its feet.

Squatters, Inc
Helping your economy get back on its feet with local support and local resources

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