Friday, June 25, 2010

DMT: Ace of Cups

such beauty in ebony
reflected in ivory light
gazing at the best of me
beneath moon shining bright

such wonders held in skin,
adorned in soft and flowing sheets
staring less at me-- moreso in
my heart flutters, stutters, repeats.

such intoxicating of a drink,
purified by the moonlight,
eying the trance I sink
into, helpless in her sight.

she could let her gown fall
and I could not move at all,
she chould do whatever she chose.

should could bed me there on the stone,
tease til my mind was well blown,
or ne'er let me kiss even her toes.

she could keep me up well til dawn,
and when the sun burned our ground,
fin'lly let my release release exposed.

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