Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pray It's Not a Prophecy

Mature Content

[Male voice] I'd like to file a police report.
[Female secretary] What is the nature of the report?
Personal threat. On my voicemail.
Fill this out for me
[Male fills out form]
Alright, thank you. Have a seat and someone will be with you shortly.

[Male officer] You wanted to file a police report?
[Male voice] Yes sir.
[Officer opens door, gestures to office] Have a seat please. What's the nature of the report?
Threat. On my voicemail.
Did you fill out a form?
[Officer stands, calls for secretary, leaves, returns with slip of paper] What was the message?
I have a transcipt, if you want. It's also still saved on my voicemail. [Pulls out printout]
You can print transcipts from your voicemail?
No, I typed it manually.
[Officer reads transcript aloud.] I don't think this is a big deal. Just kids playing around. Why do you want to file a police report?
I'm just trying to cover my bases, sir. Just in case.
Just in case of what?
In case something happens.
It's just kids, I doubt anything is going to happen.
She's had reports filed against her before. And I'm not going to take any chances. [Male is getting irritated]
Fine, whatever. [Inquires details regarding threats, passes officer's card to male.]

[Female emergency operator] Nine one one, what's your emergency?
[Male voice, frantic, quavering] I need help! Six forty-eight- Oh shit [Thunk, voices become muffled]
Sir, please speak into the phone. What's that address?
[Distant and muffled] Six four eight Wilmington-- get off me you bit- arrrrggggg Fucker that hurts!
Sir, please state your emergency.
Wilmington Court. Send a squad car, Fuck. Hurry!
Sir, what is the nature of your emergency?
[Russian accent] Sir can't come to the phone right now. He's a little... tied up at the moment. [Voice cackles before hanging up the phone]

[Female emergency operator] Possible emergency at six four eight Wilmington Court. Squad unit requested.
[Male officer] I'll take it.

[Ringing doorbell, then pounding on front door. Male officer shouting] Anyone home? Hello? Police! Open up!
[Officer speaking to himself] No answer. Best try around back.
[Ringing doorbell, then pounding on back door. Male officer shouting] Anyone home? Hello? Police, open up please!
[Male voice from inside, muffled] Hel-- [Voice cut off]
[Officer speaking to himself] Damn it

[Female voice] Is he going to be alright?
[Doctor] It's too soon to tell. Do you know what happened?
[Female shakes head.] I blacked out. When I woke up...

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