Saturday, August 8, 2009


don't look at that poor man
   dressed to go out and sitting alone
      past the point of looking around
         and he'll just fade away.
don't look at that poor lad
   pounding the pavement and out of work
      past the point of just going home
         where "lazy" he hears all day.
don't look at that poor boy
   dribbling his ball no more
      past practicing and trying
         and no team to let him play.

don't stare, don't look, don't gaze,
   just slide past like there's no one there
      they're not working and just no fair
         getting paid just sitting there.

hey! who's that man with tie flappin'
   stridin' like he's what's happ'nin'
      past seein' us, past hearin' us,
         for him always on holiday
hey! who's that lad in the fancy car
   built to go fast though he doesn't drive far
      past drivin' worryin' 'bout gas
         struck it rich, got his lucky day
hey! who's that boy and a star
   who ran so fast and got so far
      past hopin' and dreamin': it all came true
         and never wants to go on holiday.

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