Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Battlefield

whether these walls
            be padded or brick
whether you conscience
            is clean or sick
whether it's love or
            hate or fear
they're running, we're running
            before the smoke can clear

my head is too full
         for these voices and games
my heart is too full
         for your lie-laden chains
my hands are too full
         to keep carrying your bags
my feet are too light
         to let me be dragged

you're pushing your luck
      and asking for pain
get away from the cracks,
      you have nothing to gain
you're missing something
      that I find in my friends
find it in yourself
      or find the end...

when the dust and debris
   finally settles and clears
watch who's standing
   and fallen, in tears
wait for the rain
   be it water or blood
fall to your knees
   disregard the mud

embrace the earth
embrace your life
give thanks for this
to suffer that strife
the gift was given
the present, today
take advantage of
this opportunity to stay.

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