Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Rd

driving down Black Road,
while sitting passenger side,
left lane, Joliet,
and who should come beside?

silver minivan and
two boys with long hair
coasting down the roadway,
gave me smirk not stare,

opened up a red
familiar cardboard box...
knew just what it was
and I'm not candy fox.

eating Pocky!
three sticks in his hand!
just the same as I,
when I eat them, when I can.

"got any to share?"
shout I across white stripes.
grin, laugh, "yeah, I think,
hold on" --he might've tried.

shake my head "just kidding"
share just smiles, waves, thumbs ip.
I made two friends in Joliet today--
snack food in common is enough.

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