Monday, August 25, 2008

Between Goodbye and

there's a long pause before the click,
before the "hang up" tone,
as if i ought to say something,
something unsaid, unknown.

there's a long pause hanging there,
after you said goodbye...
I dearly want to say it,
don't know if it's the time...

there's two words in my mouth,
but I choke them back each time.
maybe I ought to say them
when you next pick up the line.

sometimes I seem so bold,
but inside I'm so unsure.
those words pose commitment,
awkwardness I can't endure.

I don't want to say anything,
in case you can't say it back;
so much is going on,
don't want to jump the track.

for now I won't say it,
but next time you hold me close,
the words will catch in my throat
and I won't want to let you go.

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