Tuesday, May 15, 2007


find the words on my tongue and the rhythm in my head,
forget all the stupid things i should have left unsaid.
remember all the times I said I loved you the most,
and the days one of us played guest and the other played host.

find the words in my footsteps and the rhythm in my soul,
mull over all those recipes we mixed to help us feel whole,
when we frowned at the sunlight and bright cloudless days,
and cheered when the clouds came to block those burning rays.

find the words in the air and the rhythm in the ground,
watch you spinning, keep on spinning, watch you twirl around.
find the music in your hope, find the beat in your heart,
find our world, show the world they can't tear you apart.

find your hands on my shoulders and your breath in my hair,
spin around, miss the ground, try to catch you standing there.
find your wings, find your light, let you soar into the sky,
feel your joy and your dreams, know you finally got to fly.

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