Friday, March 16, 2007

The Next Train (Mature)

Mature Content

the cliff wall is falling away from me,
gravity is coming back,
falling into a hole so dark
the sun dodges it on its track.

running through the tunnel,
yet pummled by the rain...
the lgiht I see approaching
is just another train.

I can feel you all around me,
though I reach out you pull away.
my heart is slowly dying,
my soul a bitter grey.

the colours fade from me.
til there's only black and white;
the light of the next train,
and the omnipresent night.

I don't know how I'm lost,
I tried calling out your name,
but the tunnel stole my breath,
and I'm tiring of this game.

I know the next train is approaching
though I cannot yet feel its stare.
I can feel all the warnings,
trapped so long inside there.

the next I may not dodge,
just let it breeze right through.
my body's no resistance
to such a persistent doom.

the next I may stand my ground,
not press against the wall.
the nest time I may let my fingers slip
and let my body fall.

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