Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Thirteen Rule

thirteen days from tomorrow
was twelve days ago.
and as days do pass,
they faded much too slow.

but now that they were over,
I brushed them to the side;
tomorrow was my worry:
for the Thirteen Rule applied.

the Thirteen Rule was simple,
a superstitious fact:
if something could go wrong,
that error would enact.

we sat Thirteen 'round the table,
paying the homage due,
a Thirteen course offering,
such that errs would not ensue.

we were fairly normal folk
and though Thirteen was our curse,
we'd prefer this inconvenience
to riding in a hearse.

there was nothing that would kill us
'cept for the Thirteen Rule,
thus the best food went to Thirteen
while we sat and ate our gruel.

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