Monday, February 12, 2007

not enough

you never know what's left behind
before you turn around,
nor know how hard I fall
until I hit the ground.
you never know how much it hurts
before you feel the pain,
nor discover how much I've lost
until I try to gain.

you never know how much I loved,
we had no trials to test.
we never broke apart until
they laid you down to rest.
I can still hear the melody,
I still try to hum the tune;
I still feel you in my dreams at night--
you push away my doom.

but since I could not die for you,
now I need to live.
I have the love you found in me,
I need somewhere else to give.
I feel I need to ask you
if it would be alright,
if I lent it to someone else
pierced their darkness with my light.

I ask you for your answer
when I see you in my dreams.
I hope she'll work out like we did,
with less invasive seams.
I never will forget you--
still flowing is our love.
but you're not here to hold me--
my dreams are not enough.

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