Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ways To Kill 1

was it really enough? or necessary?

fourteen different ways to kill someone with a tooth pick. twenty-six with a stool. forty-five with a chair. one hundred and sixteen with an unloaded firearm, take your pick. was it all really necessary? why should it matter?

and who was really counting anyways? don't they have any creativity? how can you limit the number of ways you can alter the course of history when all it really takes is the slightest hesitation.


don't think we're any less important because we know who you are. don't think you're any less vulnerable because you don't know us. don't think. the time for thinkers has ended. it's time to do something about it.


fourteen thousand seventy-six. fourteen thousand seventy-seven. fourteen thousand seventy-eight.
are they more ways to kill someone with any given object? bodies? seconds, minutes, hours, days until someone realizes they're gone forever?



i know who's counting, and i know how to stop them. all i need from you is what.

i know you know, because it's you that they're counting. something you're doing. i know everything about you, but i don't know what is so vital about you. you are a meaningless ant in the hill of life.


it will kill us all. just tell me what it is, or i'll take my favourite technique and end it. for you, for them, and for me.

now tell me:

fourteen thousand what?

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