Monday, November 6, 2006

Anubis's Scales

the girl whose heart broke Anubis's scale
gave herself to others to the finest detail.
everyday she fought the battle she ultimately lost,
and she herself would pay the cost.

she gave me her heart when I offered her mine,
and all those months we had were far from enough time.
if we had had years, it would have still hurt so much--
I'd give my everything, just for another brief touch.

but instead, I'm living, for my sake and hers,
living and loving until it becomes my turn
to face Anubis and his golden scales,
to hopefully cash in what a loving heart entails:

to outweigh his feather, to outweigh my sins,
eternal life with her instead of pain with him;
to keep loving and living, in her arms and mine,
together forever, for the rest of all time.

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