Thursday, July 21, 2005


why you you dare to try standing still?
my eagerness is too strong to defy my will.
I want to see what's on the other side--
I want to join it: why should I hide?

it's not evil, just different: that's all--
I'm higher than ever, how can I fall?
I'm better and stronger, yet you protest...
is it because you're no contest?

I've reached farther than you can go,
I won't stop, and refuse to slow.
if you can't keep up, get out of my way;
if you stick to those rules, behind you'll stay.

I love this power, but it's out of control.
I keep going farther and I've lost my goal.
I can't find where I lost sight of the path;
I don't find it funny, but I can't cease to laugh.

I dare to defy, I've made my own rules,
I face all comers and win all duels.
but I'm trapped in here with no where to go,
I'm trapped racing ahead--it won't let me slow.

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