Friday, November 12, 2004

The Dictator and The Capitalist

the Dictator and the Capitalist
were brainstorming for a war;
they ignored the United Nations,
when totalling their score.

"we have no nukes or weapons,"
the Dictator did say,
"and i'll prove it to you in
this 800-page essay."

"inspectors may find nothing,
but i am not so blind."
the Capitatist was certain
that weapons he would find.

the Capitalist sent troops
to the dictator,
though they did find nothing,
he does rule no more.

the Capitalist did not forget
the traitorous Middle East;
he imposed Democracy,
so on their oil he may feast.

he re-ran for his office,
condemning us for four more;
his accent did aid him,
which Southern states adore.

the Middle East he levels,
reducing it to dust,
the government won't be stable
if democracy is a must.

the gays will suffer for
the "Christianity" of the straight,
"their right don't matter,
so them we may berate"

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