Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Goodbye, Big Brother

I clambered down from the upper deck and looked around. It was solitude, sweet and simple. Silent solitude. I smiled, then worked my way to the electronics board, an entire wall that was a mess of displays, hardware, and equipment. Kicking some haphazard power cables aside, I eased myself over to the keyboard and sunk restlessly into the chair. On a nudge of a key, one of the terminals lit up, a blank word processor with the cursor blinking. On. Off. On. Off. I stared at it for a few moments, then bent over the board and began to type.

Minutes, hours, or days later, I leaned back, flexing my fingers, arching my back, shrugging my shoulders. With a casual, remembered, habitual motion, a hand reached forward and entered a simple keystroke, setting complex commands in motion. The text erased itself, already saved and buried in a hidden memory cube, and the monitor darkened while another sprang to life. Only two hours. Only two hours ago did I begin to compose. Only two hours ago did I wake up; but now, my work here was nearly done.

Another practiced motion turned off the time clock, turned off the monitor, turned off the wall of electronics. Standing, I slid around the power cods, replacing them, and re-approached the ladder, but continued downward.

This new room was not a room at all, but rater a balcony. Approaching the railing, feeling a slightly increased gravity pull at my feet, I gazed through the airtight bubble, watching the stars drift beneath my feet. Deep within my ship, a vibration shook me, pushing me gently to the side. I smile once more, watching a blue and green orb slowly dwindle in size.

"I may miss your presence, big brother, but I won't miss your gravity well, or your pollution, or your oppression. Goodbye, Earth."

It decreased visibly as I pulled out of its plain of rotation. Somewhat faster, my observation room spun me out of sight. With a soft jerk, the light sail deployed itself and the jets cut off. At an angle slightly over seventeen degrees, the sun's rays pushed my ship slowly toward the Kuiper Belt. Turning from the view, I climbed carefully back to the upper deck.

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