Friday, December 3, 1999

Atlantia: The Original Dream

Today is December third of the year one thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine. The hour is 1, the minute is twenty-one, the second is thirty-six. I am sitting in Mr M's classroom, in the seat farthest from the door, currently occupied by my sister, A. I am writing this because something strange and unusual has happened to me and I want to make sure it is never forgotten.

Last night, at 2:38, I fell asleep and had the strangest dream of all. Last night, all the crushes I had on people, disentigrated at 2:50. Last night, I drempt of who was my soul mate. Last night, the impossible was made possible. This dream told me my future. The strange part of all this is that I have not had a true dream in some time. My interpretation of this dream tells me that I am destined to put two different species at peace. I cannot interpret any more alone. I must find others with the same destiny and we must work together to interpret the dream. This is not something I'm making up. All of this truly happened. You must decide for yourself if you believe.

Not every person has a lifelike dream. Not every person believes. But I did, and still do. Here is my story.

    I am walking down a cave. At the back of the cave is someone who sells me 100 tokens for $200. When I recieve the tokens I am somewhere else. I see a gate. I walk up to it. I put it in the slot and I am in another world this world looks identical but it is not. I am standing on a balconey with a metal railing in front of me. I look to the people on my right. I see her. I am back home she is here. She tells me everything. About her world and mine. I listen. I understand. She is different. Her world is different. Now my life is different. Something happens. She must leave. I say I must follow. I am led to a cardboard caboose. She enters. I must follow. I learn. She is mortal. She is not mortal. She is both Same and Different. I am home. I have five tokens left. I have no tokens left. She comes. She tells me She loves me. She and I belong together. She must go. I cannot come. She tells me never to forget. I promise. She is half way out the door. I pull her back in: I say I love her. I and She belong together. We kiss. Lips to lips. I am awake. My dream is over. I never will forget. I must make peace between Her people and mine. I never forget.

That is my story. It is now hour 1 minute 59. I have been wrote for thirty-nine minutes and forty-one seconds point forty-nine.

Thank you for listening. My story is over. Do you believe? I don't care. Because I do.